Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions
What is the deposit?

Do you do cash bars?

Can you do open bar with just beer and wine?

How much is security?

How much is gratuity?

What is your maximum capacity?

Can we bring in our own chair covers?

What are the hours for events?

When can I decorate?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Can I come in for a tasting?

Do we honor tax exempt certificates?

Can we do custom menus or sub something on a menu?

Are linens included with the dinner?

If I don’t have a bar can I do a bottle of wine/champagne per table?

Can we get A/V equipment?

How much is it to rent the gazebo? Does this price include chair setup?

Can I hold a ceremony in the small banquet room?

When do final payments, menu selections, and all final arrangements have to be done?

Is there a fee for cutting the cake?

Is there a bartender fee?

If I invite children to my wedding, do they need to eat what they adults have? Do kids count as full price?

Do you offer incentives for Friday or off-season weddings?

Do we have to use your vendors or can we hire our own?

Do you charge clean-up or set-up fees?

What are your office hours?

Any other questions?

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